SWX GLOBAL opened its doors 35 years ago as a custom trade show provider. Since then, we’ve expanded into events of all sizes, museum-quality build-outs, recruit and fan experiences for college and pro teams, along with everything in between. The container space seemed like a natural next step to utilize the skills we already have and expand our offering.

How we started making Container Conversions

When COVID hit back in March of 2020 we knew we had to create a new avenue as our core business would be down for a while. After speaking with clients, partners, and our company as a whole we came to an understanding that we could easily begin producing world class homes in the same way we’ve been trade shows for so many years. SWX Global Container Conversions was born.

Our Values


We aim to not only meet the expectations of our clients but exceed them by utilizing our full team and treating each project if it was our own.


SWX GLOBAL only sources high quality materials that is installed and assembled by a team of craftsman and longtime professionals. If it wouldn’t go into our house, it’s not going in yours.


From start to finish our clients work with the same team. This insures nothing falls through the cracks and keeps our entire company update on what exactly is happening.


At SWX GLOBAL we have a focused direction on what we do and why we do it to make every client’s project successful.


We took what we already knew about building and found the most cost effective, durable, and eco-friendly way to build container homes.


Our clients are the number one focus of everything we do. Nothing happens throughout a project without the knowledge, understanding, and approval of our clients.

" Our knowledge and experience from the trade show industry has allowed us to create a multitude of container conversions fit for almost any individual need. "
Brian Cree

Founder & CEO

Meet Our Team

These are people that will be with you every step of the way. From ideas to touching dirt, this is your team.

Brian Cree

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Lewis

Chief Operations Officer

Tim Sales

Account Executive

Skip Eliot

Account Executive

Chris McElrath

Production Manager

Tony Andrews

Senior Project Manager

Mark Arnold

Project Manager

Derek Dewberry

Creative Director

Jay Jones

Creative Art Director

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