Designers, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Fabricators, and Creators all work in unison for you to deliver your vision.

Architectural Design

With a number of partners across the country combining for over 100 years of experience our team has seen and built nearly everything.

Interior Design

Our team wants to hear from you! What do you like? What do you not like? What do you envision? By starting with you, our team can build a gorgeous environment to match your style.


Due to local municipalities and building codes, and to leave the walls open for inspections, our containers will have the rough framing, electrical and plumbing installed. Insulation, drywall and finishing will need to be done by the contractor you select to work with. All appliances, cabinets and interior items will be included and shipped as a kit for the contractor to finish onsite.

SWX GLOBAL is a custom design and fabrication firm that specializes in taking you from an idea to fruition by utilizing over 34 years of building experience.

Custom Build Process

Our first call is always important. It’s our first chance to learn about one another and why a container home makes sense for your needs. On this call, your Account Executive will look to understand the total scope of your project and prep our team. After that call, you will have two homework assignments.

Homework 1: City Approval – The first homework assignment is to get approval from your city or HOA to build a container home. While container homes are growing in popularity, not every city has approved them. The last thing you want to do is begin designing your dream home only to find out it’s not possible in your area.

Homework 2: Design – Once you get approval from your city, we’ll ask you to complete your second homework assignment; creating a dream board. Use inspiration from other container homes, standard stick-built homes, hotels, or anywhere you can find inspiration. This process will help us understand your vision and better deliver your dream.

Before our second meeting, we ask for $2,500 down in Earnest Money. We have individuals reaching out for homes every day, but not everyone is prepared to buy. We ask for $2,500 down to secure your spot and bring our entire team together. During our second meeting, you will join a call with our Account Executive, Project Manager, Designer, Engineer, and a member of our Logistics team. With your dream board as a lead, we’ll start nailing down exactly how your home will look while keeping your budget in mind.

After our second meeting, our professional estimators will build a quote for your home. They will look at everything we’ve discussed and price your home accordingly. Quotes are not final and can be changed to better fit your budget.

First Deposit – Once you’ve approved and signed your quote, we ask for a 10% deposit to create architectural and engineering drawings. After these drawings are complete, you can take and show these to the city for final approval. While every city is different, there can be additional costs and approvals needed.
General Contractor – SWX Global does not do any on-site work. Site surveys, site prep, and installation will all need to be handled by a General Contractor. We can assist you in locating a GC or, you can choose one of your own. We will work side by side with your GC to ensure no hiccups on the day of installation.
Second Deposit – Once you have city approval, our drawings are approved, a General Contractor is selected, and we finalize your layout, we are ready to build! A single container home takes us roughly 30 days to build with delivery in no more than four days anywhere in the United States. At this time, we’ll ask for 40% down to start the build.
Pre-Ship Walk Through – Once your home is complete, we’ll do a final walk-through to make sure you’re happy with everything and give you a sneak peek of what is to come. This can be done virtually or in person. Once we have your approval, we ask for another 45% down before shipping to the location.

On-Site Installation – Your home will then be picked up from our warehouse, loaded onto a truck, and shipped to you. Container homes with multiple pieces will require multiple trucks and need to be assembled by your General Contractor on site. We will be there every step of the way to assist and guide the assembly process. Installation time depends on the intricacies of your home.
Final Walk-Through – Once your home is assembled, electrical and plumbing are connected, and the home is given the “ok” by the contractor, we’ll ask for the final 5% of the payment. Then the process is complete and you can now enjoy your container home, designed by you, and built by us!

We'd love to build you something amazing. The custom builds are as exciting for us as it is for you.
Custom Build